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Glass - Aluminum Handrails

Aluminum Handrails

The handrails, which are produced using an aluminum profile, add both safety and a stylish design to the place where they are used. Aluminum Handrails are used smoothly in many places such as building entrance, stairs, balconies and cafes. Since it is a durable product, it does not create problems such as easy wear against external impacts. Due to its easy-to-use structure, you can easily start using Aluminum Handrails wherever you want. Aluminum Handrails in different models and varieties can be assembled quickly and smoothly.

Glass Handrails


Balcony systems, which we call handrails, now consist not only of aluminum but also of glass. Glass Handrails are decoration products that generally provide a stylish appearance in the cafes, restourants and balconies of the houses and also serve as handrails. Nowadays, people close the terraces of their houses with handrails made of materials made of glass or aluminum. Although this serves as a kind of railing on balconies, it also adds a modern and aesthetic appearance to the area where it is made. Glass handrail systems with fasteners add a modern and aesthetic appearance at cafes, restaurants, balconies, stairs, terraces and pool sides and ensure your safety. 

Project Examples

cam korkuluk 1.jpg
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