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Shading Solutions With ZIP Curtain

The zip curtain system, which can be easily used in all seasons of the year, is produced with the latest technology. The product has roller blind feature and has a flexible structure. This product, which is used as a canopy in summer, also serves as a mosquito net and prevents mosquitoes, insects, etc. from entering the area used. This product, which moves vertically, is also used for heat conservation and intense winds in winter. Our company, which is among the zip curtain manufacturers, recommends this product to many users and installs it in their homes or workplaces with precision.​


In Which Areas Can The Zip Curtain Be Used?

While the zip curtain offers a unique visuality for the areas where it is used, it is also very ergonomic in terms of use. While it can be easily cleaned, it is also used as a canopy in summer. This product, which is preferred to cut off the harmful rays of the sun in places such as restaurants and cafeterias, also prevents animals such as flies or insects from staying away from the area and provides hygiene.


With its modern appearance, the zip curtain is a technology wonder produced to protect you from harmful rays of the sun, intense winds and animals such as flies, insects and spiders, which nature considers inevitable, in homes, winter gardens, gazebos, workplaces, poolside, etc.



Remote Control


Project Examples

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Byart zip perde 5w2000h1500q70.jpeg
Byart zip perde 6 Bodrumw2000h1500q70.jpeg
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