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Winter Garden Systems

Let's give detailed information about the preferred locations of the winter garden:


- At home: Whether it is snowy or rainy weather, we can find the opportunity to sit in these indoor gardens in an environment surrounded by nature. The winter garden has very ideal designs for detached houses. It is possible to use almost any space next to the house by sufficiently expanding and designing it. You can sit in your winter gardens, sip your coffee, enjoy a quality time with your children.  Thanks to this system , you will have the opportunity to a larger roaming area in your home and even in  the winter.


- In workplaces : Winter gardens have also started to be widely preferred in workplaces in recent years.  especially in workplaces with detached offices, we can say that the option of a winter garden has come to the fore to protect from the winter cold. Thanks to the winter garden, employees can interact with each other in a more social environment and the quality of the work produced increases.  We can say that winter gardens have a great impact both in terms of the design of the space and the productivity of employees in a workplace.


- In restaurants and cafes : Winter gardens are one of the most indispensable parts of restaurants and cafes.  The restaurant prefers  these areas  to meet the outdoor needs of its customers. Cafes and restaurants in such areas use modern stoves. Thanks to this, it is possible to keep the temperature of the winter garden environment at a certain level. Nowadays, we see that most cafes organize live music-type activities in winter garden-type outdoor areas even in winter.  In this way, it is possible to increase the number of customers and actively use these areas.  Customers can enjoy the atmosphere by sipping their tea and coffee in the winter gardens.


Project Examples

kış bahçesi_result.jpeg
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