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Cleanable Guillotine Glass Closing Solutions   

Guillotine glass systems are systems where the glass can be manually, semi-automatically and automatically adjusted by remote control depending on the request of the person and the window is opened vertically.


Provides maximum security with state-of-the-art remote control locking system. Our products are strong against cracking and breakage with the use of high resistance tempered glass. The system is resistant to all kinds of natural phenomena by fastening glass panels and carrier blades to each other.


Our products are extremely resistant to wind force thanks to high thermal aluminum profiles. With the remote control system, you can easily adjust to the desired level, leave it on and semi-on, and control the flow of fresh air inside. Thus, you can carry the hygiene inside to the upper limits.


The fixed panels in the guillotine glass systems act as guardrails in the closed position. They are both easy to install and easy to use, as well as easy to clean. Guillotine windows do not cause noise pollution with silent use. With its functionality, it is a very common and popular product to use today. It can be used safely at home and workplaces.


Guillotine glass profiles offer an unobstructed viewing experience. Guillotine glass systems, which have a minimalist structure, allow you to save space. It gives a modern and stylish look. While Cafes & Restaurants provide convenience with its controlled system, security glass panels act as guardrails. It offers extra living space with ample use.


Long-lasting guillotine glasses are savings-friendly products. It is easy to clean and hygienic. Guillotine glass profiles with superior features are used in residences, cafes, restaurants, villas, farmhouses, winter gardens and many more. We can custom produce the guillotine glass profiles  in the desired sizes and choose from one of our diffrent color options to match your style.


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