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About Us

     Albau Aluminum & Glass System LLC is a manufacturer of modern aluminum enclosure systems based in New Jersey.

     Our dedicated teams specialize in the manufacturing and installation of all the products we offer, providing end-to-end service. We address seasonal issues in your homes and workplaces by creating solutions with modern and intelligent aluminum-glass systems. How?


    We design the outdoor space you envision together. In our projects, we use innovative, environmentally friendly, technologically advanced, and smart systems to quickly manufacture them.


     We offer these aluminum and glass systems, which can be remotely controlled, integrated with features, with long-term warranties and service support that begins after installation.  


     Albau Aluminum & Glass System LLC, provides solutions for seasonal problems like movable roof,  winter garden, guillotine glass,  sliding glass,  garden fence,  zip curtain and windbreak that can all be integrated with your smart phone so that you can have all the control at your finger tip.


     We provide project - manufacturing and assembly services in America and Canada.


      It's time to make your dream home and office.

Albau  Aluminum delivers innnovative, custom made and smart outdoor solutions integrating smart technology

Our Clients

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