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Sliding Glass System Solutions 

Sliding  glass  can be used generally  in balconies,  office partition systems, in cafeterias and similar shops and outdoors. Thanks  to the  special frame and  sash profiles,  sliding  joinery with  and  without threshold manufacture  can  be  applied. 


Thresholdless Sliding Glass  Systems are preferred especially for restaurants  and hall partition applications. With thin, narrow profiles, it helps  the  glass to appear elegant, aesthetic  and  more  dense.

Thanks  to  the bearings used in the lower parts, it provides possibility  to open and close silently without exerting effort.


System sashes (right or left) have the feature of being able to be  gathered  to  the  required  point. By means of its  sliding  sashes, it creates  harmony  between in door  and  outdoor  spaces. 

Sliding  Glass  System is formed by horizontally sliding panels. For system width, rail detail can be manufactured as triple, quadruple or quintuple. According to the  profile  type,  5/16" (8mm)  tempered glass  or  5/32+15/32+5/32"  (4+12+4 mm)  tempered  insulated glass unit  is  used  in the system.


The body of water that may occur as a result of rain or condensation in the system is discharged by drainage channels in the bottom rail profile of the system. Since the panels are mounted with aluminum clips in vertical direction, the wind resistance of the system is at a higher level compared to standard systems. Furthermore, the insulation of the system is better than standard type of systems with the help of the brush strips on both sides of the vertical clip profiles, rubber strips applied on the lower and upper sides of the junction points and dust protection strip. In each panel of the system,   2 height adjustable high quality double bearing wheel sets are used for the panels to operate it silently and comfortably. The aluminum parts used are anodized or electrostatic painted. Although the aluminum thickness varies within the system, it goes up to 3/16" (5 mm)  at the load carrier locations.


The system can be custom made for all types of balconies (Flat, L, U, etc.),  and the maximum height at which the system can operate properly (except oval designed balconies) is planned to be 110.2" (2800 mm). The security of the system is provided in a good way with key or keyless lock systems.

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Project Examples

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