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The movable glass panel protects from the wind up to 6 feet above ground level.


The system is also used as a railing when it is closed. It can be controlled remotely via a remote control upon special request, just like it is manually operated.

 The Wind Breaker can be used alone or side by side and acts as a separator in open areas. It is used between the outdoor facade and the table in businesses such as cafes and restaurants.

  • Delivery Time : 2 - 4  Weeks

  • Warranty :  5 years

  • Unit Price :   It is calculated based on measurements.

windbreaker, wind blocker, glass railing

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Project Examples

windbreaker, wind blocker, glass railing
wind breaker
PHOTO-2024-04-17-11-34-27 (2).jpg
windbreaker, wind blocker, glass railing
PHOTO-2024-04-17-11-34-27 (1).jpg

Exact project & product prices will be determined based on the geographic location and the specipic  measures of the project.

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