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Winter Garden, Pergola, Rolling Roof, sliding Glass, Guillotine Glass, zip curtain, Bioclimatic Roof, Glass Roof

Albau Aluminum & Glass System LLC, specialized in aluminum pergolas that are shade systems with a dynamic structure. Albau delivers products innovative, custom made aluminum product systems for your home and office.

Albau Aluminum, provides state of the art design supported with end-to-end service support and constantly innovating products evolving with your needs.

Job Description Of Our Company

How we work?

We produce solutions together with modern aluminum smart systems in the space you want to enclose. We use the highest segment product profiles in the world.

  • We determine your specific needs.

  • We design custom  projects with precise measurements for your needs.

  • Manufacturing  :  2 - 4 weeks     

  • Assembly   :   2 weeks                 (depends on the project)

We deliver the product of your dreams in a short time.

Aluminum pergola manufacturer
Made in USA

Mobile Showroom

If you want to see are products yourself please click to  book now.  Let us know your preferred date, time and location and we’ll be in touch. We will bring our products to your doorstep with our mobile showroom.

Letting us know your preferred date, time and location. We will bring our products to your doorstep with our mobile showroom.

Special Orders

  • Product requests are taken in project dimensions

  • It is carefully prepared on the production line. It is disassembled.

       Delivery Time :  2 - 3 weeks   

      (depends on the project)

  • It is shipped to the desired address in the USA and Canada.

       (with assembly animation and diagram)

Disassembled Product Animations

Orders requested in custom dimensions and disassembled form are delivered with assembly animation videos.

5 years warranty for aluminum pergola
 5 years Warranty
Aesthetic Architectural Productio
Aesthetic Architectural Production
four seasons
4 Seasons Protection
Technical Support
Technical Support
Professional Quick Assembly
Quick Assembly
smart home
Smart Systems

Spatial Solution

Albau Aluminum  will  meet your  expectations  by  developing different  products  to  every space  with its solutions  that will bring out your creativity and make your dreams come true. We have variety of solutions to all commercial or residential areas. 

Albau Aluminum pergola systems, which can be produced in different styles, can be defined as outdoor seating units. Pergola systems can be adjusted by the user according to all weather conditions. You can use these structures as shade in hot and muggy weather. If you are in winter and the weather is snowy, you can benefit from the beautiful view of the snow thanks to these structures. Therefore, you do not need to take any action according to seasonal conditions. On the contrary, pergola systems allow you to fully control the season you are in.

Our Suppliers

Akzo Nobel
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